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Our team

We take immense pride in what we consider to be the cornerstone of a business dedicated to fulfilling customers' desires every day: OUR TEAM.

With a collective experience of over 125 years in the jewellery industry, our team is a reservoir of knowledge and expertise.

However, it's not merely experience that guides our hiring process. Every member of our staff shares a common thread - an unbridled passion for jewellery.

We place a high value on the opportunity for personal growth within the company. To this end, we have supported multiple members of our team in achieving certifications and diplomas. This investment in their development translates into the highest possible level of service for our cherished customers.


Our journey

Our story unfolds across two exquisite locales - Thomas French Jewellers in Bexhill and Whites Jewellers in Tenterden. The legacy of Whites Jewellers dates back to 1860, while Thomas French Jewellers began its journey in 1957.

In June 2011, our visionary Managing Director, Geoff, assumed the reins of Thomas French Jewellers. Over the ensuing decade, he embarked on a remarkable transformation, endowing Bexhill with a jewellery emporium that radiates excellence and offers unparalleled service.

In 2016, a fortuitous discovery awaited Geoff. Learning that Whites Jewellers in Tenterden was poised for new ownership due to the retiring proprietors, he seized the opportunity. Determined to replicate the success of Thomas French Jewellers, Geoff infused the same spirit into Whites, winning the hearts of Tenterden.

Since then, Whites has ascended to become the jewel in our crown, the beacon of our enterprise. With the finest jewellery, an unrivalled team, and an unyielding commitment to excellence, we stand as a company you can depend on.

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